Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So and Fresh and so clean.

Penelope has been an amazing baby for us. We've been able to go out shopping and run errands. Grandma and Great Grandma came out Sunday and took us to dinner. Penelope doesn't even bat an eye to loud noise. Even a loud place like Famous Dave's. Today we are going to take her out again. She seems to like the car rides.

She's also healing fine after her belly button cap fell off. Did I write about that yet? Her belly cap got pulled off a little and looked crazy under the scab. Poor Susan wanted to go to the hospital. After looking it up and showing it to Auntie Korey we agreed she was fine.

Momma is doing great as well. Still in pain but moving around the house better. If only we could convince her to take more naps.

These pictures were after her bath today. Happy little dinosaur.

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