Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sorry it's been so long. Been a very crazy month for this family. Penelope is fantastic. She got her first shots already and did well. Susan said she screamed like a banshee but calmed down quick. She has been smiling and laughing and just a real joy to be with. She took her first flight already. Actually her first 4 flights?

My Grandfather Jerry passed away this last month. The whole family flew out there to help with the funeral. It was really nice to see my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dave. Although it was a sad occasion having the whole family together for the first time in many years was nice. Penelope even got to meet Brandon.

Our Grandparents came out every year when we were kids. All the way until my grandma passed away ten years ago. They lived in Nebraska and would drive out here sometimes twice a year. Always during apple season. They took us out to museums and parks. Always out to eat. When they showed up their car would be filled with boxes of random things. Items from their stop in New Mexico or Arizona. Old photos of my dad. Presents for us. Dream catchers and those old drums on a stick. We knew it would be fun when they came to town.

I think part of the reason the three of us got in Science related jobs was because of my Grandfather. One of the things the minister said about him was that Jerry was a gardener. Talked about the how important the relationship with the ground is. And it's funny to see how that is true in our family. Anyways.

A sad trip but a needed trip.

Also it was 5 degrees out there and Susan has sworn to never return to weather like that.

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