Thursday, June 17, 2010

Penelope is growing so fast. 18 months now and I'm still not sure how we got so lucky. She loves puzzles and animals. She's great at recognizing things and makes animals noises when she sees a familiar animal. It all started with elephants. The other day Penny was helping me paint and noticed a painting I had rolled up in the garage. She kept making her elephant trumpet call and I didn't know why for the longest time. I looked up and saw the old painting with the elephant head looking down. She saw I noticed and she pointed and nodded.

Right now she's in the middle of three puzzles. She has to be holding everything all the time. Hobbies include pointing out all planes,dogs and birds. Professional animal sound maker. Loves books and pointing out things she likes.

She seems to understand about baby brother and gives Susan's belly a kiss. She also points to her own stomach when we ask so what do we know? I can't wait for her to be a sister. I think she will do an awesome job.

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