Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday we drove out to Orange County or as Kathy calls it "Gods Country". It was our fist outing with Penelope. Before that we took her to her 5 day check up and everything was fine. She really is a great baby. The Lactation Nurse was very helpful with Susan and breastfeeding. Kaiser in general has been a great hospital for us.

Susan's mom made a wonderful pre-Christmas dinner. I told Susan when we got home how much I love dinners like that. I'm lucky to have married into a family of great cooks and hostess. Penelope got to meet Grandpa and Great Grandpa as well as some cousins and most importantly Doja. It was really nice to be able to go out and have Penelope be so well behaved this young. Grandpa looked so happy to see her. To see the smiles on Grandpa and Poppies face brings joy to Susan and I. She is a well loved baby.

Today we are going to see about taking her out and about today. Depending on how mom is feeling. She just got 16 staples pulled out yesterday! yikes.

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